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Info1994-10-01#1  Billy Joel Meets The Beatles

5:19Mono32 KBps1.22 Mb
Billy Joel explains with much humour to a Columbia University audience on Saturday, October 1, 1994, how The Beatles influenced him as a teenager to become a professional musician.

Info1990-01-22#2  AMAs - Slash N' Duff 1

1:47Mono24 KBps0.32 Mb
M.C. Hammer and Stephanie Mills present the American Music Award for Heavy Metal Artist to Guns N' Roses. Slash N' Duff collect the Prize N' Stuff.

Info1990-01-22#3  AMAs - Slash N' Duff 2

2:18Mono24 KBps0.41 Mb
Aaron Neville and Lita Ford present the American Music Award for Favourite Heavy Metal Artist to Guns N' Roses. Slash N' Duff collect the prize and give thanks.

The show was delayed for an hour before being broadcast in the Pacific Time Zone therefore GNR fans in the westernmost regions of the United States weren't able to see and hear quite the same thing as were those who watched the show "live" that evening in other parts of the country.

Info1964-08-23#4  Interview With The Beatlemaniac

0:55Stereo80 KBps0.53 Mb
An interview recorded shortly after The Beatles' first Hollywood Bowl concert on Sunday, August 23, 1964.

Info2004-06-10#5  Big Glass Bowl

2:19Mono64 KBps1.1 Mb
Neal Boortz responds to a caller's question about President Jimmy Carter's effort to assist the Mujahadeen during Afghanistan's effort to resist Soviet aggression in the 1980s.

Info1974-04-12#6  Sonar Reel No 2

0:44Stereo80 KBps0.43 Mb
Classification of this reel is secret.

Info2000-11-08#7  Dan Rather - Election Night Montage

1:15Stereo80 KBps0.72 Mb
LoFi audio montage of many bizarre mutterances which spewed forth from the mouth of Dan Rather on election night, Tuesday, November 8, 2000, as he and the rest of the world watched and waited to see whether George Bush or Al Gore would become the next President of the United States.

Info1981-00-00#8  Reaganomics

2:35Mono32 KBps0.6 Mb
While the First Family rides again, "David Brinkley" grills "Ronald Reagan" on his economic policies which have baffled the experts.

Info1979-08-08#9  The Amityville Horror

0:38Stereo80 KBps0.37 Mb
A radio spot for The Amityville Horror as broadcast in Oklahoma by Tulsa's Superfox, KTFX, FM 103, on Wednesday evening, August 8, 1979.

Info1998-12-00#10  Master Cylinder - Jung At Heart

0:53Stereo80 KBps0.51 Mb
Audio from a very popular 1998 TV spot for Volkswagen's Jetta featuring ultra-awesome music by Master Cylinder.

Info1986-01-31#11  George Harrison Remembers John Lennon

3:25Mono32 KBps0.82 Mb

George Harrison in an early '80s interview waxes nostalgic about John Lennon and some other stuff.

(From John Lennon Remembered - KGCT-TV 41, Tulsa)

Info2002-10-24#12  Larry Likes Me

0:52Stereo80 KBps0.50 Mb
Wynona sez it'z okay t' drink 'n' drive... jus' don' ignore yer kidz!

Info1980-04-09#13  You Gotta Have Heart

1:01Stereo80 KBps0.58 Mb
A radio spot for the Heart concert which occurred at the Tulsa Assembly Center in Oklahoma on Wednesday night, April 9, 1980.

Info2001-12-28#14  Mother And Child Reunion

0:36Stereo80 KBps0.35 Mb
A good example of dramatic pause.

Info1985-07-13#15  Grace Slick - Live Aid vs Woodstock

0:43Mono64 KBps0.34 Mb
A Grace Slick interview segment for MTV while backstage at Live Aid on Saturday afternoon, July 13, 1985.

Info1986-01-28#16  Challenger - Launch Flight Recovery

3:18Mono24 KBps0.59 Mb
One of the saddest days of my life and surely everyone else's too who was alive and able to try to make any sense out of what happened on that fateful, now miserable morning. For me, this singular event cleanly sliced the '80s into two halves: the fun one which went before and the lost one which followed and eventually became the '90s.

Info1989-06-06#17  Ayatollah Adieu

0:26Mono64 KBps0.21 Mb
During the week of China's infamous "Tienanmen Square Massacre" Iranians paid their last respects to their dearly beloved, recently departed spiritual leader, the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

Info2001-12-14#18  Notable Quotable

0:15Stereo80 KBps0.15 Mb
Another eloquent speech excerpt delivered as only Dubya can!

Info2004-06-08#19  BlondeStar

1:14Mono64 KBps0.59 Mb
Omigod! Omigod! The following conversation is real...

Info2004-06-07#20  Reagan Meets The Hippies

1:39Mono64 KBps.8 Mb
Rush Limbaugh retells one of his favourite Ronald Reagan stories.

Info1988-11-05#21  Empty Plastic Pants

5:17Mono48 KBps1.9 Mb

Best... sketch... ever... in Saturday Night Live history, IMO.

Why this sketch was not included in Phil Hartman's Best Of SNL DVD, is beyond my comprehension.

Guest host, Matthew Modine, portrays "Einstein" from MIT against Phil Hartman's outstanding parody of R. Lee Ermey as the "senior drill instructor" in this hilarious spoof of "Full Metal Jacket". For visual accompaniment, simply imagine a row of fresh maggots lined up and standing at attention beside their bunks in their barracks on the first day of Army boot camp.

For the record, the actual title of this sketch is "Nicknames" although I'd been calling it "Empty Plastic Pants" for years before I knew that.

Info1981-09-07#22  Septemberfest - Foghat - Blue Oyster Cult

1:11Stereo80 KBps0.71 Mb
Note the female voice at the end of this one. That's Jeanne Summers - better known today as Jeanne Tripplehorn for her co-starring roles with Tom Cruise and Kevin Costner in "The Firm" and "Waterworld" just to name a nice pair.

Info2002-07-23#23  Paul McCartney's Comin' To Town

0:36Stereo80 KBps0.34 Mb
A KRMG radio spot advertising a contest for tickets to a then-upcoming, sorta-local Paul McCartney concert during his historic Back In The U.S. tour in 2002.

Info2001-10-22#24  Taliban Calling

1:50Stereo80 KBps1.05 Mb
First we blasted Noriega out of Panama by playing country & western music to him at excruciatingly loud volume ... and now this!

Info2001-09-25#25  Tulsa Ballet Redemption Plan

0:58Stereo80 KBps0.56 Mb
A KRMG radio spot featuring some really good advice for newlywed guys seeking to earn their way off the couch and back into bed.

Info2002-10-31#26  KRMG Changes

1:01Stereo80 KBps0.58 Mb
OK, I'm a sucker for great, historical Soundbytes... so what?!! :)

Info2002-01-03#27  Pharmaceutical Blues

1:00Stereo80 KBps0.58 Mb
And then, every once in awhile, something like this comes along...

Info2002-09-11#28  No Earthly Idea

1:00Stereo80 KBps0.58 Mb
Nice crickets in this one.

Info2003-12-14#29  DNAss

0:40Stereo80 KBps0.41 Mb

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!
Sherlock Holmes Obsolete!

To Catch A Thief  (Just Turn The Other Cheek!)

Info2001-09-26#30  Tuscan Lunch

0:58Stereo80 KBps0.56 Mb
A KRMG radio spot containing a rather interesting English language lesson.

Info2004-05-25#31  Cyndi's Sparrow

1:06Mono32 KBps0.25 Mb
Why should Cyndi Lauper keep her eye on the sparrow?
Here's Neal Boortz to explain. :)

Info2003-01-28#32  Final Salute To Honor Pete Garcia

1:39Stereo128 KBps1.6 Mb
Recorded January 28, 2003 at Biloxi National Cemetery;
Biloxi, Harrison County, Mississippi; USA.

Info2003-03-19#33  Good Morning Baghdad

1:23Stereo80 KBps0.80 Mb
MP3 audio of the surprise, first strike against Baghdad by U.S. military forces as broadcast in the U.S. by CBS evening news with Dan Rather, Wednesday evening, March 19, 2003 (US time) / Thursday morning, March 20, 2003 (Baghdad time). CBS aired a videotape of this event four times after airing it live.

This particular file is an honest montage compiled from all five broadcasts in an effort to eliminate Dan Rather's intrusive voice-over narrations. During the missile attack, Iraqi anti-aircraft artillery fire could also be heard.

Info2003-04-04#34  French Army Fashion Tips

0:51Mono24 KBps0.15 Mb
How are French Army officers similar to the British?
Here's Neal Boortz to explain. :)

Info2005-08-08#35  Meet Joe

0:26Mono64 KBps.2 Mb
Nice stapler, Joe. Just don't play with these matches!

Info2004-05-28#36  Last Day Of Hi Skool

2:20Mono24 KBps2.4 Mb
On the bed and on the floor, we're the class of '004! Yeehaw.

Info1987-01-01#37  K107 Presents 'A Scenario'

1:23Stereo80 KBps0.83 Mb
But where will Superman be able to change his clothes?

Info2004-09-30#38  Am I Old Enough To Shave Or Not

1:01Mono64 KBps0.48 Mb
Another excellent PSA encouraging kids to take singing lessons, write folk songs, or even go down to the crossroads as a last resort in order to establish better channels of communication with their parents.

Info1979-10-28#39  If Ya Love 'Em, Tell 'Em

1:55Mono64 KBps0.9 Mb
A humorous yet thought-provoking and memorable PSA followed by a fun little, pop culture 'time capsule' as broadcast in Oklahoma by Tulsa's Superfox, KTFX, FM 103, on Sunday night, October 28, 1979.

Info1992-00-00#40  Capitol Hill Bank

1:27Mono64 KBps0.69 Mb
In case you don't or can't remember how corrupt the United States Congress was in 1992, this soundbyte is here to remind or inform you! For a brief overview of the infamous 'House banking scandal' of that year, we recommend this web page:

Info2004-06-10#41  Reagan, Russia, Oil, and Gold

5:24Mono32 KBps1.2 Mb
Neal Boortz provides a brief yet fascinating account of how Ronald Reagan destroyed the economy of an entire, once-proud nation.

Info1992-00-00#42  Capitol Hill Post Office

1:34Mono64 KBps0.73 Mb
In case you don't or can't remember how corrupt the United States Congress was in 1992, this soundbyte is here to remind or inform you! For a brief overview of the infamous 'Congressional Post Office scandal' of that year, we recommend this web page: